Steve Puckett

Steve Puckett is President and Founder of S&P Resources. With over thirty-six years of experience in all aspects of the contract interiors industry such as furniture systems, movable wall systems and fixed drywall aluminum office front products, Steve provides an immense array of knowledge to the client unlike any other. In addition, he has extensive background in the actual design of aluminum frame systems and their interface with other building systems. Steve has not only worked on large multi-faceted, high-end projects in Texas, but all over the United States, particularly in the East and West coast. This far-reaching ability and experience has made him the authority of the aluminum office front systems industry.

Gladis Oviedo-Garcia

Gladis Oviedo-Garcia , RID, LEED AP has over twelve years of experience in the interior architecture industry and is a licensed Interior Designer. With a Bachelor Degree in Architecture, she started her career as a designer for some of Houston's top architecture/interior design firms. Her background and focus in design provides a connection between the design industry and our products.